-From 2001, I began my performing career.

-In 2003, I performed at Koenji Street Performance Festival in Tokyo and was voted the most popular perfumer of the event.

-In 2005, I was the youngest person to receive a Tenpozan Performance License. Which is one of the most recognized

performance license in Japan. 

I won the championship of JAL Entertainment Festival Cup.

I also received a free ticket to London as a prize for winning the JAL Entertainment Festival Cup.

-In 2006, I travelled to London, and had the opportunity to perform in Covent Garden.

-In 2008, I performed at the Championship of the Japan Juggling Festival.

-In 2010, I performed onstage alongside the singer Jin Akanishi at his concert in Tokyo.

In November to commemorate my 10th Anniversary of performing I had an Anniversary show in Osaka.

-In 2012, I was a guest performer at the prestigious NGK Theater. 

-In 2013, I appeared in a TV commercial for Tokyo Gas.

I was  also invited to perform in Thailand.

-In 2014, I performed at San Francisco's THE FLOW SHOW where I was the first ever Japanese national to perform.

I also made a guest performance at Cherry Blossom Festival.

Later, I was also invited to perform at Ascona Performance Festival in Switzerland.

-In 2015, I performed at New York City's THE FLOW SHOW.

I was also invited to perform at LINZ performance festival in Austria.

-In 2016, I got the first prize at Festival International des Artistes de rue in Switzerland.


Description of the show

'Come emerge yourself in Kana's unique and fascinating world! Kana's show incorporates japanese pop culture with colorful

and fun costumes that will inspire and mesmerize you. She brings joy to her audience through her hoop dance performances

as well as skillful hat juggling. Her spiritual and mind altering act will for sure enlighten you. It's show time!!'

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